Food Industry Software

MyCafeEdu.Com was conceived and developed by a small group of mid-western food service professionals who saw a need for creating a new and innovative way of training food service professionals by utilizing the latest technologies. With the evolution of YouTube, Metcafe, Khan Academy and the wide variety of mobile devises, it was clear that the next generation of foodservice would turn to video based platforms for their educational needs.

With a young and energetic group of writers, producers, editors and research staff we began producing high quality product videos for the MyCafeEdu educational library. As time developed and with continuous feedback from a select group of equipment distributors across the United States we continued to add additional products such as our on-line testing programs, product questionnaires, how-to-tutorials and a national on-line plan room to give maximum value to the food equipment industry. With a majority of our team being involved with the food equipment distributor network we felt a need to stay true to our goal of focusing strictly on the support, education and business development needs of the food equipment dealer network.

“Working to meet the needs of the food equipment dealer network”

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