Exhibitor & Event Management Solutions


EventTRAQ helps your organization plan events, organize inventory, manage personnel, budgets and expenses. EventTRAQ ensures your events are successful from start to finish by providing progress reports, to-dos, reminders and itineraries.

Efficient – Save time and replace your spreadsheets, binders and sticky notes with a powerful relational database tool. Input data one time and you’ll have it readily available for all future shows. Eliminate double keying of repetitive information and tasks. Instantly access web sites and generate emails with built-in hot links. Share travel itineraries, staff schedules and show information in real-time via the Web.

Effective – Redirect the time you save towards your most important job, making your tradeshow program more profitable for your company! Easily analyze disjointed show logistics. Control expenses and monitor budget variances with real-time tracking. Report expense and budget data over any time period (fiscal, monthly, quarterly, calendar) or user-defined category (region, business unit, product line).

Economical – Save hard dollars that can be reinvested in your program and ensure business continuity! Capitalize on all early order discounts and save up to 20% on show services. Minimize late fees, overnight shipping and punitive on-site orders with built-in reminders. Avoid the hidden costs of staff turnover with a standardized process and permanent storage of historical data. New employees are more productive in less time.

“A leading provider of exhibit and event management software.”



Save time, manage expenses, and eliminate paperwork.


Web access, centralized information, and standardize your processes.

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Keep your staff informed with personnel itineraries and notes.


Comprehensive inventory management and shipping status available anytime.


Expedites payments to vendors, carriers, and show producers.

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Detailed reporting capabilities including itemized budget/expense reports.

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