Consulting Services

GT Analytix’s consulting and services include Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Reporting Website Design, and Software, Consulting and Sales Management / online marketing. Let us help strengthen your company’s access to unlock information, effective reporting tools, enable data analysis, and enhanced “Brand” recognition. First impressions are lasting impressions; starting with a great looking site. Our SME’s have built a reputation creating and providing functional and usable websites for our clients.

Our Team was hand-selected to “wow” clients with superb technical abilities, and to communicate clearly to provide meaningful solution. We value innovation, wit, and an internal urgency to do things the right way, the first time. We are highly selective in our hiring practices, and we are passionate about technology. Our passion and care is what unifies us – and our clients will attest to their satisfaction.

“We’ve built our reputation by providing software solutions and consulting services that provide greater insight for your company.”


  • As a smaller consulting firm, we MUST remain client focused and deliver excellent work.
  • One client described us best: “You consulted with us, not at us”. Many firms come in with preconceived ideas about the challenges and the solutions. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand the real environment and develop pragmatic recommendations that are best for each client.
  • Our high level of repeat client engagement is our best evidence of high client satisfaction.

Sales / Marketing Management

GT Analytix is also highly experience and focused on helping deploy sales and marketing strategy within your technology deployment as a result of our experience.

• Search Engine Optimization
• Per Click (Google Adwords, Bing Linkedin & Facebook)
• Content Marketing
• Online Ad Buying
• Affiliate Marketing
• Newsletter Marketing


Salesforce & CRM are two of the most powerful and popular customer relationship management software on the market today. If your team leverages the power of these technologies we can help you integrate and fully utilize them. On the simplest level you can integrate your sales leads from your website. Or you can fully integrate your Ecommerce portion of your website syncing everything from your sales, customers and products sku’s.

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